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OSHA Surveys Employers’ Safety and Health Practices

OSHA has launched a survey of safety and health practices of private sector employers "as a tool toward better designing future rules, compliance assistance and outreach efforts."  OSHA is surveying as many as 19,000 employers nationwide of all sizes and in all industries.  Recipients of the survey can complete it either in hard copy form or electronically. It … Continue Reading

What To Do When OSHA Comes Knocking?

With the recent increase in OSHA enforcement activity, many employers are being forced to answer the question:  "If an OSHA compliance officer visits my workplace, is my company prepared?"  Hopefully, for most employers the answer is a resounding "yes."  However, for employers who are not so sure about their ability to handle an OSHA inspection, the start … Continue Reading

OSHA Reminds Retail Employers of Crowd Management Safety

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, OSHA is reminding retail employers of steps to take to prevent employee injuries due to large crowds during Black Friday and other sales events.  OSHA has reissued its "Crowd Management Safety Tips for Retailers," which provides guidance to employers to help prevent injuries during the coming months.  OSHA recommends that employers establish a … Continue Reading