With experienced Workplace Safety and Health attorneys located strategically throughout the nation, we are well-positioned to serve all of an employer’s needs with respect to safety and health programs and compliance issues. We regularly counsel employers on federal and state safety and health statutes and regulations and have extensive expertise with safety and health agencies, including OSHA, MSHA, BATFE, DHS, NIOSH, CSB, NTSB, DOT, FRA, FAA, OPS and Coast Guard matters.

Our attorneys provide practical guidance on all aspects of workplace safety and health, including assisting with the establishment of safety and health programs, conducting audits, representing employers in safety and health-related legal proceedings, defending against whistleblower claims, responding to catastrophes and fatalities, seeking variances from state or federal agencies, representing employers during government investigations, responding to agency inquiries, providing advice regarding the requirements and obligations under applicable safety and health rules, legislative advocacy, and assisting with communication strategies for dealing with media, employees, communities and management.