OSHA has updated its Recordkeeping National Emphasis Program (NEP).  The NEP, initated originally in September, 2009, was designed to investigate whether, and to what extent, injuries and illnesses are being underreported by employers.  The original NEP, as well as the revision, targets employers with low rate establishments operating in historically high rate industries.  Click here for a Special

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released an analysis of OSHA’s efforts to ensure that work-related injuries and illnesses are properly recorded by employers.  Members of Congress had requested that the GAO determine (1) whether DOL verifies that employers are accurately recording workers’ injuries and illnesses and, if so, the adequacy of these efforts, and (2) what factors may affect the

OSHA’s Recordkeeping National Emphasis Program (NEP) has been in effect for over a month and employers should be taking steps now to review their records and prepare for an NEP inspection.

Click here for an article that can assist in the preparation process.  "Are You Prepared for OSHA’s Recordkeeping National Emphasis Program?," which just appeared in Workforce Management