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OSHA Expands Guidance on Respirator Fit-Testing to Cover all Industries

Due to the evolving coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic and emergence of outbreaks across the country, there have been widespread reports of critical shortages of personal protective equipment (“PPE”), such as masks, face shields, and gowns. OSHA previously issued guidance, including an April 3, 2020 memorandum and interim guidance and a March 14, 2020 enforcement memorandum, which alleviated some … Continue Reading

New California Standard Requires Employers to Conduct PPE Hazard Assessments

California employers must now conduct an assessment of their workplaces for hazards that may require the use of certain personal protective equipment (PPE) and train employees in the use, care, and limitations of required PPE. The PPE included in the scope of the new rules are eye and face protection, foot protection, head protection, and hand … Continue Reading

OSHA’s PPE Compliance Directive — A Deeper Dive

OSHA’s new Enforcement Guidance for Personal Protective Equipment in General Industry (CPL 02-01-050) has been “on the street” for a few weeks and employers are still working through its details. While employers need to go through the directive carefully on their own and incorporate the aspects of the directive that are applicable to their facilities, after … Continue Reading

OSHA Issues New Enforcement Directive for Personal Protective Equipment

OSHA has established new procedures for enforcing its personal protective equipment (PPE) standards in general industry.  The compliance directive "provides general guidance for the enforcement of standards applicable to personal protective equipment (PPE) in general industry, including guidance on payment for PPE."  The new procedures became effective on February 10, 2011. The directive provides useful information to employers to help them understand … Continue Reading

OSHA Withdraws Proposed Noise Interpretation

Citing "concerns raised" and the need for "more public outreach," OSHA is withdrawing its  proposed interpretation on occupational noise.  The proposal would have altered existing Agency enforcement policy for determining when an employer could utilize PPE to protect employees from noise exposures, as opposed to relying on engineering and administrative controls.  Existing policy provides that employers will … Continue Reading

OSHA Issues Final Rule Updating PPE Standards

In a move widely applauded by both employer and employee groups, OSHA has updated its general industry and maritime personal protective equipment (PPE) standards to specifically allow the use of certain PPE designed according to current national consensus standards. OSHA’s final rule, “Updating OSHA Standards Based on National Consensus Standards; Personal Protective Equipment,” will bring greater … Continue Reading