Nearly every time I visit OSHA’s website, which is a daily event for me, I find something new.  It might be a news release on the latest enforcement action, which might tell me what compliance officers are focusing on in certain regions.  It might be new guidance on a recent standard, which might help me counsel employers on their legal obligations and how exactly they implement that new program.  It might be a simple reminder on upcoming employer requirements or deadlines, such as the requirement for employers to post their OSHA 300A  through April.

Today’s find includes a booklet titled,  “All About OSHA”.  It was published sometime in 2016 and includes a description of the agency’s basic structure, mission and enforcement scheme.  If you wanted to learn more about what exactly OSHA does or what your organization’s basis responsibilities are, or maybe, you just want to know which states run their own OSHA programs, then give this guide a quick read.