OSHA recently issued its long-awaited regulatory agenda.  The agenda is designed to provide stakeholders with notice of what major regulatory initiatives the agency is planning and the projected timetables for those initiatives.

OSHA’s agenda is the first issued in several months by the agency and provides a glimpse into the regulatory priorities – in President Obama’s second term.  The signature initiative of OSHA over the last four years has been its Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) rule.  That rule has been under development for several years, but has yet to be released in any form or fashion to the public.  The recently published regulatory agenda states that OSHA will initiate the SBREFA process in January of 2013 for the rule, with a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to follow in December, 2013.  Another major rulemaking – OSHA’s effort to propose a comprehensive standard regulating silica – is slated to be published in May, 2013.

Three other significant regulatory actions under development are listed as follows:

  • Combustible Dust – Initiate SBREFA in October, 2013.
  • Electric Power Transmission and Distribution – Issue final rule in March, 2013.
  • Update Recordkeeping Rule regarding Reporting of Amputations/In-patient Hospitalizations – Issue final rule in May, 2013.

All stakeholders should continue to monitor progress on these and other OSHA initiatives as we continue to see a very active OSHA in the coming months and years.