OSHA launched a new Preventing Workplace Violence in Healthcare webpage this week.  It contains several new tools and resources to help healthcare facilities combat workplace violence, including:

  • An executive summary for hospital administrators and others who want to learn more about the prevalence of workplace violence in healthcare, associated costs, key risk factors, and what organizations can do to address the problem.
  • A roadmap to preventing workplace violence in healthcare facilities that includes real world examples and solutions.
  • A “big picture” analysis that provides insight on how creating a strong management system and culture of safety can help reduce workplace violence.  This guide also contains an excellent summary of the federal and state requirements.

The webpage is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the healthcare industry and will give you a better understanding of OSHA’s expectations.  It further highlights OSHA’s continued focus on the need to reduce workplace violence in healthcare facilities.  Expect more inspections on workplace violence in healthcare in 2016!  As you prepare for the New Year, take some time now to review your workplace violence policies and programs to see if they have the components that OSHA desires.