Scott Mugno’s confirmation to head OSHA appears to be one of three key Department of Labor nominees caught up in political arm wrestling. Republicans are blaming Democrats for delaying the process by drawing out debates to the full 30 hours permitted by the Senate Rules.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) voiced his frustration on April 9th warning that “[t]he Senate’s workweek will not end until all of these amply qualified nominees are confirmed.”  It should also be noted that a Senate vote on Mugno has yet to be calendared.

There are concerns that OSHA has lacked leadership and direction since Trump took office in January, 2017.  Senate Democrats have indicated that they are prepared to work with Mugno at the helm of OSHA – though they seem to expect that he will be a tough enforcer against violators rather than a follower of Trump’s deregulation agenda.

Currently, there is no indication when Mugno will be confirmed.