The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) requested a 7 percent budget increase for fiscal year 2016, for a total budget of $592.1 million.

OSHA’s priorities for next year points decidedly towards increased enforcement.  The proposed budget requested a 9 percent increase for federal enforcement and a 3 percent increase for state plan enforcement.  OSHA’s enforcement budget would increase to $226 million for federal enforcement and $104.3 million for state plan enforcement.  With the requested budget increase, OSHA would anticipate adding 90 new positions, with two-thirds of those new positions dedicated to enforcement duties. OSHA asserts that the additional staff is necessary to handle the increased workload anticipated as a result of the new injury reporting requirements.

OSHA’s proposed budget also requested a 7 percent increase for federal compliance assistance and outreach programs, such OSHA Training Institute and the Voluntary Protection Program, and a very modest increase for its education and training grants and consultation programs.