OSHA recently announced its Top 10 Frequently Cited Standards for fiscal year 2010.  According to the Agency, "OSHA publishes this list to alert employers about these commonly cited standards so they can take steps to find and fix recognized hazards addressed in these and other standards before OSHA shows up."  The Top Ten are:

  • 1926.451 – Scaffolds
  • 1926.501 – Fall Protection
  • 1910.1200 – Hazard Communication
  • 1910.134 – Respiratory Protection
  • 1926.1053 – Ladders
  • 1910.147 – Lockout/Tagout
  • 1910.305 – Electrical, Wiring Methods
  • 1910.178 – Powered Industrial Trucks
  • 1910.303 – Electrical, General Requirements
  • 1910.212 – Machine Guarding

Employers are encouraged to take note of this list.  These standards relate to commonly found hazards and also point to those hazards that compliance officers focus on in the course of regular inspections.  While each worksite is different, employers should make sure that their safety programs related to these hazards (and standards) are reviewed and fully compliant.